Just Rest!

In life, when a door closes it is our natural tendency to frantically try to tear it down. It is quickly realized that remedies, suggestions, to include those recommendations found on the internet will not work. In that moment, a solution is most desirable by any means necessary. Eventually in complete exhaustion the worst ideas might sound convincing.

Hebrews 4:9 (NKJV)

There remains therefore a rest for the people of God.

A closed door sounds like the final say in any situation. However, a closed door has two sides. Possibilities can be found on both sides. I discovered, just because I was on the inside of the door, my possibilities were not limited. When I look back over my life, I see that closed doors were blessings. Closed doors are opportunities. When God allows a door to close in your life, He is fully aware of which side you are standing on!

Stop trying to knock the door down and rest. Allow God to show you why you are on this side of the door. You are on the right side! Trust without seeing! Your greatest opportunities are right in front of you! Rest! Do not stop working towards your destiny but rest in the promises of God!

When you rest, your faith, patience and trust in God is the key that will open the door!

2 thoughts on “Just Rest!

  1. Pamela King

    Amen! God has been speaking to me about REST for the past several months. The sad news is that when we don’t listen, He makes His voice heard in ways that are not always pleasant. His grace and mercy always prevail!


    1. Ms. Pamela, I agree with you! We often miss the voice of God because we are too busy working in our own strength! Yes, His grace & mercy always prevails! Thank you for your words of wisdom!


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