Laugh Until You Cry

The power of a laugh that comes from your belly is very liberating. This type of laughter might not look cute. The funniest thing in that moment is that you are completely free of the opinion of others. Laughing more becomes contagious and others will join in with you without knowing the “punch line”. What makes you laugh harder is eventually you start to laugh at how hard you are laughing! Have you ever laughed so passionately that you could barely breathe as tears rolled down your face? Discovering the necessity to purposely set aside time to laugh until you cry is essential.

A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing…

 (Proverbs 17:22, Amplified Bible)

 I gathered all of the material necessary for a water gun fight: water guns, water, a sunny day, and my two young boys. This water gun fight served two purposes; the first purpose was celebrating my son’s birthday and the second purpose was to laugh until I cried! In 2009, that following week consisted of a scheduled breast biopsy. I determined that I could spend that weekend moping around the house in tears or chasing my boys allowing laughter to produce happy tears! I chose the latter.

A good laugh is so refreshing and has the power to remove fear and doubt from your thoughts. With a plan and without a prescription, laughter has the medicinal properties of a counselor. In the meantime, do not worry about bad news coming your way. Utilize that in-between time to find healing for your soul!

Take a look at your calendar and schedule your time to laugh!


4 thoughts on “Laugh Until You Cry

  1. Penny Warren

    Thank you for that reminder! We recently decided to make one day a week a “laugh day“. We haven’t done it yet, so thank you for the reminder and confirmation that it is a necessity in this thing we call life! Blessings!


    1. Ms. Penny, so glad that you & yours understand the importance of laughter. It truly makes a difference in our lives. No matter the situation laughter takes your mind off of the negative and allows time for our thoughts to “reset”! Praise the Lord!
      *Peace, Love & Blessings*


  2. “With a plan and without a prescription, laughter has the medicinal properties of a counselor” 🙌🏾 indeed! Thank you for this reminder! Be blessed✨💓


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